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In these environments, children learn to coexist with nature through the care of plants and animals, sense of responsibility, health management, and socialize with other people.

敷地面積  4000M2


校舎  : 建物面積  一階 1155M2

                   二階 1040M2    合計 2195M2


* 日本語、英語の書籍を備えた書店や図書館。

* コンピューターラボ室。

* ヘルスセンター(保健室)。

* カンティーン(食堂)

* 屋内および屋外運動場


* 花畑や野菜畑など。



Site area 4000M2


School Building: The building area first floor 1155M2

Upstairs 1040M2 total 2195M2


1. Japanese, bookstores and libraries with books in English.

2. Computer lab room.

3. Health center (infirmary).

4. Canteen (cafeteria)

5. Indoor and outdoor playground

   (basketball court, mini soccer field, such as land track).

6. Flower garden and vegetable garden, etc

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